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Fast Facts

  • Kids

    While children may be especially sensitive to pesticides compared to adults, there are currently no data showing that children have increased sensitivity specifically to this method of treatment.*

    Studies (also) indicate that these products do not absorb through the skin well.*

    Once the treatment is dry (about 30 minutes) it’s safe to be in and use the treated area.


    Mosquitoes transmit more than just human disease. Fido & Fluffy are at risk too. Thick fur or hair is no defense against a hungry mosquito and the ravages of heartworm disease can be devastating, painful and expensive.

    One of the most effective ways to protect your pets against disease is to eliminate mosquitoes.

    Ask about our year-round flea and tick protection and avoid the nasty diseases ticks can spread.


    We are licensed by the North Carolina Department of Agriculture & Consumer Services. Training includes supporting a variety of measures that serve to protect the habitat, food sources and activity of honey bees and bumble bees.

    We are ever in tune with a bee’s life cycle and the roles temperature, weather and vegetation play their overall health and level of activity.


  • We start by only using high quality, commercial grade, EPA approved products. The main ingredient mimics naturally produced pyrethrums found in chrysanthemums which has a low impact on the environment, big impact on pests. We are very strict on ourselves and meticulously follow the application guidelines.


    Our EPA approved products are not likely to reach groundwater because they bind tightly to soil.*

    Risk to Breathing

    Studies show treated surfaces are unlikely to become airborne.*


    Studies have shown our products are low in toxicity to birds.*

    Bees, Fish & Small Aquatic Organisms

    We are keenly aware that our products can be toxic to bees, fish and small aquatic organisms*. We are trained to identify and avoid these areas by targeting mosquito (flea/tick/gnat) hot-spots. The result? You get pest-free happiness and unharmed bees, fish and small aquatic organisms.


    *Johnson, M.; Luukinen, B.; Gervais, J.; Buhl, K.; Stone, D. 2010. Bifenthrin General Fact Sheet; National Pesticide Information Center, Oregon State University Extension Services. http://npic.orst.edu/factsheets/bifgen.html.

  • A double-spray involves applying twice the normal amount of product to the treatment area to ensure pest-free enjoyment during times of high use.

  • over seventy-five (75) other annoying insects including fleas, tics, spiders, millipedes, wasps, gnats and flies.

  • We treat the areas where mosquitoes seek protection from the heat and sun: shrubs, tall grass, low-lying branches and stagnant water.

  • Lawn watering or even a torrential downpour have no impact on effectiveness. The product is water & weather resistant within 30 minutes of application.

  • Events are target-rich environments mosquitoes love. When planning a gathering of ten (10) or more people, we recommend scheduling a ‘double spray’ to ensure the treated area remains pest-free during times of high use.

  • Plants don’t absorb the product we use rendering it safe for ornamental vegetation or lawns.*


    *Johnson, M.; Luukinen, B.; Gervais, J.; Buhl, K.; Stone, D. 2010. Bifenthrin General Fact Sheet; National Pesticide Information Center, Oregon State University Extension Services. http://npic.orst.edu/factsheets/bifgen.html.

    • Bees!
    • Ponds
    • Edible gardens
    • Outdoor tables, play equipment & toys
    • Maintained swimming pools, hot tubs & spas
  • Fresh Standing Water

    Such as a bird bath, fish pond or water garden are not negatively affected by the typical barrier application.

    Stagnant Standing Water

    Putrid water is where adult mosquitoes breed. We can apply a larvicide to kill mosquito larvae before they even sprout wings.

  • We are locally owned. No hefty franchise fees to pay. No corporate staff or swanky office. Low overhead and quick response time allows us to provide superior service at substantially lower rates.

    Give ‘LOCAL’ a try today!  Click-to-Call: 980-500-9291

Common Questions

  • Yes. If you are not completely satisfied with our service between sprays, we will come back out and evaluate the treatment area. Once we determine the issue, we’ll treat the ‘problem area’ and retreat the entire area if necessary – at no additional cost.

  • No exterminator can kill every mosquito but we can eliminate most of them so you can enjoy being outdoors without repellent or citronella candles.

    Your satisfaction is guaranteed. If mosquitoes become a nuisance between sprays we’ll come back out, reassess the area and retreat at no additional charge.

  • No. Simply assure that the technician has access to the area i.e. gate code. Pets cannot be in the treatment area.

  • The technician will leave a post card noting time of service and you’ll notice the treatment area will be mosquito-free!

  • We will reschedule the appointment with a call and/or email notification.

  • No. The product becomes water resistant approximately 30 minutes after application.

  • Approximately 30 minutes after the product is applied.

  • Typically, March through October.

  • A treatment lasts about 21 days.

  • Yes!

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